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What We Do

What we do
  1. We convene agricultural stakeholders from public and private sectors alike to identify key knowledge priorities in support of helping agriculture in the US and worldwide become net climate positive, environmentally sustainable, and economically resilient.
  2. We convene top scientists and practitioners from multiple disciplines to answer key questions about agricultural land use and regenerative farming practices:

Where are farmers adopting different management practices? 

Tillage, Cover Cropping, Structural Conservation Management

What are their impacts on farm health and climate mitigation, from field to global scales?

Yield, Soil Health, Resilience, Water Quality, Ecosystem Services, Carbon Balance


How do these practices vary through time, space, and landscape?

Soil type, Climate system, Moisture Regime,  Crop Rotation, and More


     3. We unpack the value of industry data and insights and satellite-based information to rapidly grow a robust evidence base for SARA practices.

     4. We develop map and information products on agricultural land use practices & outcomes.