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NASA Harvest is NASA’s Food Security and Agriculture Program

Our mission is to enable and advance adoption of satellite Earth observations by public and private organizations to benefit food security, agriculture, and human and environmental resiliency in the US and worldwide.

We accomplish this through a multidisciplinary and multisectoral Consortium of leading scientists and agricultural stakeholders, led by researchers at the University of Maryland and implemented together with our partners across the globe.

SARA is NASA Harvest’s Initiative on Sustainable & Regenerative Agriculture

SARA is a public-good, multi-stakeholder, innovative pre-competitive forum for researchers and private industry to come together to advance Earth observations-based tools, integrative methods, and knowledge about adoption and impacts of sustainable and regenerative agriculture techniques. SARA is Led and coordinated by NASA Harvest through philanthropic contributions to the University of Maryland College Park Foundation.

Why a NASA initiative on SARA?

Climate is changing. Food insecurity is growing. Soil is being degraded.

We need a robust evidence base to build policy & Empower Decisions.

The time is short to empower agriculture to be a net carbon sink, and to help farmers build resilience to extreme weather events.

1. Farmers need incentives & guidance to cultivate natural capital.
2. Policy & agribusiness alike require quantitative metrics at scale.
3. Satellite data provide deep time series & synoptic coverage to tell farm-to-global stories.