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We’re just getting started, more projects coming soon!

Project Title Project Summary
Using Satellite Data to Help Farmers Improve Field-scale Nutrient Management

This project will develop actionable data products and/or tools for Midwest farmers regarding better field-scale nutrient management, using NASA satellite data, process-based models, and domain knowledge.

In-Situ Sensors and SAR for Soil Moisture Monitoring

This project is coordinated in collaboration with CropX, a global leader in soil analytics for agriculture. Beginning with a yearlong pilot study on several alfalfa fields in the western United States, the team will work together to combine in-situ data from CropX soil sensors with synthetic aperture radar (SAR) information in order to provide accurate and scalable irrigation and fertilization metrics.

Using EO Data to Monitor Yield Effects from Conservation Tillage

Conservation tillage aims to reduce soil erosion and improve soil health by minimizing plowing and mechanical disturbances in agricultural fields. Although reduced tillage is good for long-term soil health and cost effective, the direct impacts on crop yields is less clear. This work expands upon and aims to clarify the often ambiguous and diverse results found in existing field trial research of conservation tillage practices, which have typically not been able to capture real-world field conditions.